The Schwarz family has a 5 Generation experience of cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest. Founder Johannes Schwarz started the business in the early 1800 years with doing wood carvings for many cuckoo clockmakers in the Black Forest region of Eisenbach.

In the late 1800-years Benjamin Schwarz and his brothers made carvings for the famous cuckoo clock company of Beha Clocks in Eisenbach. In early 1900-years Viktor Schwarz continued the business and teached his sons Egon and Herbert Schwarz how to carve. They continued the production of carvings, not only for cuckoo clocks, but also religious art or also wooden masks for the traditional Black Forest carnival.

Doris Schwarz started her business in 2005, after Egon Schwarz retired at an age of more than 80 years old. As a children nurse, she hadn´t the talent of doing carvings, but she wants to stay in the tradition of the cuckoo clocks. So she took over the website who´s founder retired. Now she is still doing this business until today by selling the best and most important brand of cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest, Hönes cuckoo clocks from Titisee-Neustadt, also a well known historical area for clocks in the Black Forest. offer a wide range of original handmade cuckoo clocks of the Blackforest, of course Made in Germany. We will not sell any stuff from the Far East that maybe will be much cheaper, but we are proud to supply only high quality clocks in many sizes and versions, starting from US-$ 199.00 up to more than US-$ 15.000,–. Most of our clocks are shipped to the USA and China, but of course we are shipping worldwide and have customers in many countries all over the world. We are very happy to have only very satisfied customers worldwide, some will be collectors and some of them have ordered several clocks in the meantime. Hönes cuckoo clocks will bring the typical way of life of Germany to the USA.