Your clock is covered by a two year warranty, starting at the time you receive it. The clock is also insured for shipping. If you should experience problems during the warranty period, we will fix this without additional expense to you. This can mean sending a replacement clock or repairing the clock at one of our service stations.

Of course warranty does not cover damages caused by the customer.

Please contact us within one month after the arrival of the clock, if your clock should have arrived damaged.

Cancelling an order

You may cancel an order without problems as long as the clock has not been shipped. If the clock has been shipped, or if it has arrived and you want to return it without reason, we must ask you to carry a part of the shipping-costs. Of course this does not apply in case of damages or quality issues with the clock.


The delivery-times given on our website are estimated. We have to rely on 3rd parties like the mail, the customs and the cuckoo clock manufacturers and therefore we can not guarantee that the clock will arrive within the given time.

If your clock should take more than 4 weeks longer than the delivery-time mentioned on our website, please contact us.

Our clocks are shipped by mail. Currently the mail does not yet offer easy tracking of international parcels. We can ask our mail to trace parcels, but this takes relatively long.

Picture service

If you need a clock for a special occasion (e.g. Christmas or a Birthday) and the clock cannot be delivered on time, we can send a letter with a picture of the clock and a text of your choice to announce the arrival of the clock. This service is free of charge.


The parcels containing the cuckoo clocks are always declared as presents to avoid customs charges for the customer. However, depending on where you live, it is possible that you may have to pay customs duty when your clock arrives. This depends on your local laws; we have no control over that.

US-Customers sometimes have to pay nothing at all, sometimes about 6% of the value given on our website. Customers in the European Union do not have to pay customs.

If you live in another county you should try to get information about customs before ordering. It is our experience that customs duty can be very expensive in some countries, for example in India or Indonesia.


If you order by credit card we will send the transaction to the credit card company a few days after your order. We do this to check if the credit card information is correct. After that it takes up to 60 days until we receive payment from the credit card company.

If your payment is by check, we must receive the check prior to shipment.

Possible differences between our clocks and the pictures on the website

Please note that on some clocks there may be slight differences between the picture on the web and the actual clock. For example there may or may not be “Made in Germany” engraved in the clock’s dial. This depends on the manufacturer, and we have no control over this.

The exact color of stained (brown) clocks is always a little different. The process of staining the wood sometimes produces a little lighter or darker results.

The terms “1-day cuckoo clock” and “8-day cuckoo clock” are traditional symbolic names for two kinds of clockworks. It is possible that the clocks have to be pulled up again before the time indicated by the name has passed. So many “8-day cuckoo clocks” have to be pulled up each 7 days.

Applicable Law

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany governs these Terms & Conditions and any dispute that might arise between you and us.


We respect your privacy. We want to build a long-term relationship with a satisfied customer, based upon excellent service and trust. We will not release personal details to any third party, unless it is necessary to process your payment or shipping.

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