The Company Hönes Clocks is member of Members of Association of the Black Forest Clock

The members of the VDS have been concerned about the authenticity of the product for a long time, a product which represents the Black Forest in a most important way. As a consequence, it was decided to introduce a Certificate of Authenticity. “We have to give our collectors and customers the guaranty that the clock they bought definitely comes from this area.” With these words Ingolf Haas , the Chairman of the board phrases one of the essential characteristics guaranteed by this certificate.

Black Forest Clocks allowed to actually carry this certificate, have to keep up a high standard. One condition for example is that the clock has been made exclusively in the Black Forest. But the proof of origin alone does not suffice to be accepted for the certificate. The clock must also be working purely mechanically and all its essential parts have to be produced in the Black Forest, too. There is no chance to receive the well desired certificate for quartz clocks. Chairman Ingolf Haas, “Our customers expect mechanically working clocks and that is what makes them stand out.” The certificate is given to Clockmakers from the Triberg and Titisee-Neustadt area who reach this quality standard. By the way – the certificate was designed by artist Benno Gasche from Schonach. To show its internationality it is bilingual in German and English.

All clocks on this website have to pass a strict quality control. The clocks are made in the Black Forest, the mechanical music box come from Switzerland.