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The Black Forest
The History of the Cuckoo Clock
How the Cuckoo Clocks are made
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Cuckoo Clocks
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Frequently asked Questions



After unpacking the clock the cuckoo (and the music with musical clocks) does not work

  Please make follow the instructions carefully, when unpacking the clock. If the clock should not work in the end, please check the following points:

1. Have the clamps been removed from the bellows inside the clock as described in the instructions (see picture)?

2. Has the cuckoo's door been "unlocked"? You have to turn a little wire to the side, that secured the door while shipping (see picture).

3. Please check the position of the night shut-off. The most common reason why cuckoo and music do not work is that they have been turned off. With some clocks the night shut-off is a switch at the left side of the clock, with other types it is a wire under the clock (see picture).

The Clock runs too slow / too fast

  The pendulum is responsible for making the clock keep time. If your clock runs to fast, you can move the pendulum-disc down a little on the pendulum to correct this. If the clock is running to slow you have to move the pendulum-disc up.Keep in mind that moving the pendulum leaf or disc 1/8 Inch (3 mm) on the pendulum stick is equal to a 3 minute change in a 24 hour period.  

The Clock Stops

  Please make sure that the clock is adjusted properly on the wall. The clock must be placed in a correct vertical position so that the pendulum can swing freely.

You must "listen" to the clock and be sure that the clock has an even Tick-Tock sound. Do not adjust the clock with your eyes, do it with your ears. This is adjusted by moving the clock to the right or left, until you hear the tick tock sound which is even.
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