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The Black Forest
The History of the Cuckoo Clock
How the Cuckoo Clocks are made
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Cuckoo Clocks
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Frequently asked Questions

General questions about Cuckoo Clocks

  • Difference between 1-day, 8-day and Quartz Clocks
  • What wood is used?
  • Getting repair material / parts for cuckoo clocks
  • What service do cuckoo clocks need?
  • Shipping-instructions for cuckoo clocks

    Difference between 1-day, 8-day and Quartz Clocks

      Black Forest cuckoo clocks are driven by a mechanical movement which is run by weights under the clocks. To keep them working you have to pull up the weights from time to time. With 8-day cuckoo clocks you have to do this once a week, with 1-day cuckoo clocks each 24 hours.

    Quartz cuckoo clocks are driven by batteries. They are not as authentic as mechanical cuckoo clocks, the "feeling" is quite different because they are using an animated cuckoo made of plastic and a recorded cuckoo sound.

    What wood is used?

      The cuckoo clocks are made of Limetree (or Linden Tree, Latin name: Tilia). Those trees with their heart-shaped leaves are quite common in Europe. Their wood can be used very well for carvings.  

    Getting repair material / parts for cuckoo clocks

      If you have ordered a cuckoo clock on our website and need parts for it, we will of course care for this.

    However if you are searching for parts for an older cuckoo clock we would like to ask you to contact a shop which is specialized in selling clock repair material.

    http://www.timesavers.com/ have almost everything you may need from hands and weights to complete carvings and whole new movements.

    What service do cuckoo clocks need?

      Usually cuckoo clocks run for many years without problems as long as they hang in a friendly environment (not humid, not dusty, the temperature should not fall below 32ºF = 0ºC).

    We recommend that the movement should be cleaned and oiled by a clockmaker each 6-8 years.

    Shipping-instructions for cuckoo clocks

      If you need to ship a cuckoo clock, please follow those instructions:

    To send the clock, pull the chains so the hooks are under the case. Insert a piece of string, wire or a twist wrap through all the chains "as close as possible to the case bottom." Bundle up the chains in a small bag, or a piece of aluminum foil and tie up the bag tightly with a rubber band or string. This prevents the chains from coming off the wheels, and creating a snarled mess of chains inside the clock.

    Put a strip of paper in the spiral gong on the inside of the back access panel. Pack the clock in an oversize box with crushed newspaper, (do not use Styrofoam peanuts), and then wrap the pendulum, and place in box.

    If you are shipping the clock to a service station do not send the weights. If there are any numbers on the weights, ( 275 or 320,etc.), write them on a piece of paper, along with your name, address, phone number, your Email address, a short description of any problems, and enclose in box.
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